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Don't tell me "This is the way the world is going"

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Date: 2011-09-22 11:58:09.000
Author: Jeremy Reimer
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It's a standard excuse for any boneheaded decision these days. "Oh, the industry is going this way, we should follow", or "Oh, this is just the way the world works".

These are the words of people who are too scared to think and act for themselves.

"The world is going" towards the elimination of weekends and time off. "The world is going" towards the destruction of worker's rights. "The world is going" towards the end of minimum wage. "The world is going" towards 50% unemployment.

Is this really the world you want to help make?

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I'm heading to PAX!

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Date: 2011-08-26 07:17:28.000
Author: Jeremy Reimer
Tags: Gaming

Just sitting at the bus terminal now. The earlier bus was sold out so I'll miss the keynote, but oh well.

Looking forward to more gaming goodness! I had a blast last year. There is so much to see! I feel like Zaboo from this season of The Guild. I will have it all!!!!

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I’m off to MLG Anaheim!

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Date: 2011-07-28 20:19:21.000
Author: Jeremy Reimer
Tags: Gaming

Tomorrow I am leaving very early on a jet plane to go to Anaheim. No, I’m not going to Disneyland-- I’m going to attend the Major League Gaming event, where Starcraft II will be on the Main Stage!

I’m going not just as a fan, but also to write an awesome article for Ars Technica. While there, I hope to see (and possibly meet) Lim Yo Hwan, aka SlayerS Boxer, the most famous Starcraft player of all time. He is one of a few select Korean pros who have been invited to battle with the best players from North America and Europe.

I’m so excited!! Wish me luck!

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Edge of Infinity (Kindle Edition) now on Amazon!

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Date: 2011-06-29 16:19:09.000
Author: Jeremy Reimer
Tags: Writing

I’ve finally put my first novel (Edge of Infinity) on the Amazon Kindle store!

Please, if you own a Kindle, or an iPhone, or an iPad, or a Windows PC, or a Macintosh, and like awesome books that are awesome, consider purchasing a copy today!

Here is the link:

Here is a shorter link in case that one doesn't work:

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Lee Jae Dong Fighting Poster!

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Date: 2011-06-25 23:28:56.000
Author: Jeremy Reimer
Tags: Gaming Starcraft

I’ve been a huge Jaedong fan basically since I first saw him play. I watched him win the Golden Mouse (three OSL championships) live and watched his rivalry with Flash in finals matches many, many times.

I drew this poster as part of the "A Zergling for Jaedong" thread on Team Liquid:

Hopefully it will become part of a package that will be delivered to him personally!

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Knotty Geeks Episode 14 - Starcraft beats University

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Date: 2011-04-04 15:57:13.000
Author: Jeremy Reimer
Tags: Knotty Geeks

In this exciting episode, we brave the cold outdoors again to bring you the exciting battle of Big Truck vs. Even Bigger Truck, and the heart-stopping drama of tiny little loud birds!

Oh, and we also touch on how our entire society is changing right before our eyes, from the collapse of the venerable British University System to the fall of traditional publishers. It’s all part of the theme of Acceleration, marked out by Data Points!

All this, plus the rise of Starcraft!

Links from the show: - The decline and fall of the British university - The Dawn of Starcraft: e-Sports come to the world stage - World IPv6 day - good comics about comic industry - Self publishing beats traditional publishing - Scott Kurtz gives up on National Cartoonists Society - Great discussion on the cloud and open source goals

./uploads/Knotty_Geeks_Episode_14.mp3" />
./uploads/Knotty_Geeks_Episode_14.mp3" width="290" height="24" />

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My Starcraft article was published on Ars Technica!

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Date: 2011-04-01 12:20:43.000
Author: Jeremy Reimer
Tags: Gaming

The lights of the metropolis shine brightly on the clear summer night. Down on the bay, a crowd gathers around a giant outdoor screen. Spotlights flood the area as the audience, now exceeding 50,000 people, work themselves into a fever pitch. The two teams come out on stage to deafening cheers. Teenage girls scream as one idol from each team is chosen for the first round of combat. They each enter a booth. The music swells, and the video game begins.

It sounds like a science fiction story from the future. But this event actually happened in the past, in a place where such things have been commonplace for over ten years. This was the 2006 Proleague finals held in Seoul, South Korea. The game being played was StarCraft.

The Dawn of Starcraft: e-Sports comes to the world stage


The article got tweeted by GSL Starcraft II commentators Nick "Tasteless" Plott and Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski. Artosis even briefly mentioned it on the air at the 37 minute mark here:

The GSL game where Artosis and Tasteless mention my article

I’m so excited!

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Pirate Bird!

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Date: 2011-03-23 21:41:39.000
Author: Jeremy Reimer
Tags: Gaming

Those of you who watched the GOMTV GSL Team League games last night will know what this means.

The rest of you, well, it’s a Pirate Bird.

(I drew this, so it’s my fault)

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Why HTML 5 sucks!

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Date: 2011-03-11 16:29:26.000
Author: Jeremy Reimer
Tags: Software

The idea behind HTML 5 was a good one: make sound and video clips a part of standard HTML code that anyone can use on any platform without having to use Adobe’s proprietary Flash plug-in. Great! Long overdue, in my opinion.

Then, sadly, everything went wrong.

I already knew that the video tag in HTML 5 was a complete train-wreck. Some browser manufacturers had decided to support H.264, others Ogg Theora, and then Google came along and started pushing WebM. But that’s video, something where new codecs are still being created and the state of the art is still very much in flux. I could forgive things for not being all sorted out.

Audio, I thought, would be trivial. So when it came time to include a podcast playback control in my Monarch blog engine (you’re reading through it right now!) I decided to test out HTML 5’s audio support to see how well it would work.

The answer is worse than not at all.

Internet Explorer 8, of course, ignores the tag and displays nothing, but that’s forgivable because honestly, who uses IE any more? Only dinosaurs and old people who really like things to be extra-slow. IE9 will supposedly support it, assuming the sun hasn’t become a red giant and consumed all life on Earth by the time it is released.

Firefox, on the other hand, commits an even more unforgivable sin: it CLAIMS to support it, but then won’t play MP3 files! Ogg Vorbis only! Look, Mozilla people, I understand this Noble Crusade For No Patents in Codecs, but MP3 is supported by every other sound playback system in the entire history of time. Five dollar portable music players support it. I think my breakfast cereal supports it. This is ridiculous!

Now, we get to Chrome. Great browser, Chrome. Supports HTML 5 audio tags and plays back MP3s. Great, right?

Yeah, until you put more than one on a single page. Then it tries to play them all at once, ignoring the autoplay settings, and freezes the entire web page. (EDIT: It's worse than that, actually. It freezes the ENTIRE BROWSER! Not even sandboxing can save it!) Great, Chrome. Nice job.

I downloaded a Flash audio player (the same one that the audio module in my old blog running Drupal used) and everything ran fine. Multiple instances, no problem. Runs on every browser, too, except the iPhone/iPad, which don’t support Flash.

The idea of replacing Flash is a good one. It was neat seeing the Knotty Geeks podcasts load up on my iPad in a web page and being able to play them. But freezing Chrome and not working on Firefox is a complete deal-breaker, and this doesn’t show any signs of improving any time soon.

Flash is here to stay for the time being, folks.

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Knotty Geeks Episode 13 - The Lights in the Tunnel

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Date: 2011-03-04 16:40:50.000
Author: Jeremy Reimer
Tags: Knotty Geeks

In this episode we invade a Starbucks in Surrey and drive people away with our incessant commentary on the FUTURE! Will it be a bleak, dark, apocalyptic future where everyone is unemployed, or will it be a happy future where everyone is unemployed?

One thing is for sure: the computers are coming to take our JERBS and there’s no stopping them. Best to be prepared.

The Anybody Story:

This is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody.
There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it.
Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.
Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job.
Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it.

It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.

Reading list:

What Technology Wants
Where Good Ideas Come From
The Lights in the Tunnel

Apache Solr search engine:

Why does work not happen at work:

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./uploads/Knotty_Geeks_Episode_13.mp3" />
./uploads/Knotty_Geeks_Episode_13.mp3" width="290" height="24" />

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