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    Date: 2022-11-27 07:30:04.000
    Author: Jeremy Reimer
    Tags: My Science Fiction

    Silicon Minds of Mars

    Silicon Minds of Mars is a political thriller set on the red planet in the year 2072.

    Mild-mannered writer Mike Lee and feisty hacker Kyla Vox are whisked away to Mars as part of the world's most expensive reality TV show. But the trip soon turns deadly as mysterious accidents start killing their fellow contestants. Even after arriving on Mars, their troubles aren't over. The planet is gripped in a conflict over the future of artificial intelligence that could spell doom for all intelligent life on the planet--silicon-based and otherwise!

    Available from:

    Amazon Books

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    Barnes and Noble Booksellers

    Apple Books

    The Masters Trilogy: Edge of Infinity, Heart of the Maelstrom, and Beyond the Expanse

    Edge of Infinity

    As the brand new supercarrier Pegasus is readied for its first flight, reports trickle in from the edge of the galaxy that threaten to shatter the fragile peace the Pegasus was meant to protect.

    Now, pilots Jack Davidson, Sarah Admunsen, and David Chang are thrown into a deadly game of survival. Fighting alongside their alien allies, they have become the last line of defense, not only for the human race, but for all sentient life in the galaxy!

    Edge of Infinity is the first novel in the Masters trilogy.

    Available from:

    Amazon Kindle (runs on Kindle app for any device)

    Barnes & Noble Nook


    DRM-free ePub, PDF, RTF, or text format

    Paperback book

    Heart of the Maelstrom

    The creators of the Deathspawn come to Earth, but are they here to destroy, or for some other reason? The crew of the UNIN carrier Pegasus soon find themselves facing this new foe head-on, but can they match their enemy's advanced technology?

    In Heart of the Maelstrom, we meet the Masters, an enigmatic and ancient race from a distant star cluster. We also meet Christopher Hunter, a new character whose simple life on Earth is going to get significantly more complex when he runs into the Masters.

    Returning from the first book are Jack Davidson, Sarah Admunsen, and David Chang, three pilots on the Pegasus who are on the front lines in the fight against the Masters. Joining them are advanced robotic life forms, fuzzy intelligent aliens the size of small dogs, bird-like aliens with hammer-shaped heads, and sentient starships. They must all work together if they want to survive!

    Heart of the Maelstrom is a story of military life in a science fiction setting, but it's also the story of very ordinary people who are forced into extraordinary circumstances.

    Heart of the Maelstrom is the second book in the Masters Trilogy.

    Available from:

    Amazon Kindle (runs on Kindle app for any device)

    Barnes & Noble Nook


    DRM-free ePub, PDF, RTF, text formats


    Beyond the Expanse

    As the Masters prepare for their final assault on the galaxy, the crew of the space carrier Pegasus must find allies in the most unlikely of places. In the mean time, the helpless citizens of Earth, trapped by the Masters' technology-dampening field, must fight to survive as civilization itself hangs in the balance.

    Beyond the Expanse is the final book in the Masters trilogy.

    Available from:

    Amazon Kindle (runs on Kindle app for any device)

    DRM-free ePub (all other e-readers)

    Paperback book


    Starfarer is a short story following the viewpoint of Angie Coura, a woman from Earth who is on a long-range deep space sleeper ship heading towards a new colony.

    Partway through the journey, Angie’s ship has a catastrophic encounter with an alien vessel, which changes her life forever.

    Starfarer is set in the same universe as my Masters Trilogy of novels: Edge of Infinity, Heart of the Maelstrom, and the upcoming Beyond the Expanse.

    Starfarer can be purchased in multiple digital formats here:

    OR, you can get a copy of Starfarer for free by signing up for my email newsletter (scroll to the top of this page!)

    The Stalker

    The Stalker is a short science fiction story that centers around John "Heart" Wolanski, a professional Starcraft player living abroad in South Korea. John encounters a strange glitch in the game that comes at the worst possible time in his professional gaming career. He must struggle against the glitch and his own personal demons, which are threatening to destroy him. [Free!] [Free!]

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