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    The History of the ARM chip: Part 1

    Post #: 294
    Post type: Blog post
    Date: 2022-09-26 22:09:45.000
    Author: Jeremy Reimer
    Tags: articles

    I'm excited to announce that Ars Technica has published the first part of my three-part series on the history of the ARM chip.

    You can read it here:

    If you've ever wondered how your smartphone became so smart, it's because in 1983, a tiny computer company in England decided they would do something impossible.

    I had a great time writing this article. I kept asking questions about CPUs, which I've always understood only at the highest levels. For example, I knew what RISC meant, it was "Reduced Instruction Set Computing". Okay, but HOW reduced? And what does an instruction set actually do?

    Diving down the rabbit hole, I ended up learning how CPUs work from first principles. I've tried to share some of that knowledge in the article. I hope you enjoy it!

    Traacker on 2022-09-27 17:29:18.000

    I am glad to have finally found your work.
    So nicely done, me thinks!

    Fascinated by the topics, writing style, obvious research, presenting with a "been there, done that" optimistic attitude of tone. Great work, and I cannot fathom being able to have the tenacity it must take to continue this work for as long as you have.

    Thank you, Sir.

    BTW, we are approaching the 10th university of Aaron Swartz's death.
    I am of the 20th Century, a Boomer, thus: your GenX perspectives have great meaning for me.

    Got carried away, below, essentially, I hate the idea that his passing shall largely be unknown, except for the "tech" community, perhaps.

    Aaron Swartz day is not aimed at the general public. Thus, except for maybe some tech folks, he goes unknown even more than Sophie, that is likely to continue.

    "Let’s not let that happen." - Aaron Swartz Freedom to Connect speech (2012)

    Maybe we can do something like: "The phone lines on Capitol Hill flat-out melted." but instead of SOPA, we make it like you did with your article "about Sophie" and how she provided another sequential step on the ladder that changes the world. November 8, is Aaron's Birthday. Aaron Swartz Day historically has had varying dates. I find nothing listed as of today, for 2022. Without permission, I suggest a campaign to "flat out melt... " the fiberoptic connections for YOUTUBE, by hitting every video about Aaron at something like "Our 9:11" AM & PM both, on his actual day of birth, the 8th, (Election day for midterm elections this year)

    Merging the narrative of Elections and Aaron. Amplifying his thought: “As the Internet breaks down the last justifications for a professional class of politicians, it also builds up the tools for replacing them.”
    — Aaron Swartz I try to offer the New Hampshire Rebellion, in Honor of Aaron Swartz, set up the Bernie & Donald stage as rebellion against the MOB's of Pure Democrats & Republicans, and ending the No Voices of Independents in our system.

    GenZ, however, I am not aware of one who offers the continuity you provided ie: Sophie Mary Wilson (born Roger Wilson; June 1957) this article details. Culturally, Politically, she embodies how we get to Bernie & Donald, just as Aaron does too.

    Pew Research Names:
    Boomer>GenX>Millennial - Me>You>Aaron>

    !!!!!> GenZ'ers probably never heard of Aaron nor his significance. Most notability, IMHO, his influence for the historical moment where the "little folk" connect politically. Best example:

    „We won this fight because everyone made themselves the hero of their own story. Everyone took it as their job to save this crucial freedom. They threw themselves into it. They did whatever they could think of to do. They didn’t stop to ask anyone for permission.“ — Aaron Swartz Freedom to Connect speech (2012)

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