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    A new photo, a new banner, and a new mission for the blog

    Post #: 284
    Post type: Blog post
    Date: 2021-10-12 18:30:18.000
    Author: Jeremy Reimer

    Eagle-eyed viewers of this blog have already noticed the shiny new banner up top, along with a nice new headshot of yours truly. That photo is courtesy of a good friend of mine, expert photographer Stephen Mirowski.

    I've been neglecting my blog while I concentrated on my newsletter, Arcade Dreams, and other personal projects. I think it's time I changed that. Blog writing isn't a quick path to success (and one could argue that it never was), but it's still fun, and it's a great way to keep in touch with your audience.

    And I still have some things I want to say, about video games, about science fiction, and about life in general.

    So stay tuned!

    AllYorBaseRBelong2Us on 2021-10-12 18:55:37.000

    AYB knows of some people back in the day when blogs were just becoming a "thing" and the term "blogosphere" was yet to be set in vernacular.

    They were into sports, particularly baseball and were very underwhelmed by the depth and style of reporting that had been coming from the papers for a century. There was really no analysis, and far too often they just plugged the Team's preferred line on controversies.

    They decided they would create the kind of baseball coverage they wanted to read, and so they did. Its been almost 20 years, but a number of them have long since found themselves hired as professional journalists, supplanting decades of dry, droll uninteresting sorts of reporting that had been the previous norm. They are why you see OPS, WAR, and UZR talked about rather than just batting average and RBIs

    So success can happen..

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