Cataclysm Eve

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Date: 2010-12-06 23:01:50.000
Author: Jeremy Reimer
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In a little over an hour, barring server connectivity issues, I'll be adventuring through the new World of Warcraft expansion.

I've prepared for this as best I can, buying the digital download so that I can start playing at 12:01 am, the moment the servers go live. I've even booked a day off work -- my last vacation day of the year -- so that I can play for most of tomorrow.

I'm a nerd, I admit it. But I'm looking forward to this.

Jeremy Reimer on 2010-12-08 11:28:28.000

Well it was a lot of fun racing through the content. I finished Mount Hyjal and dinged 82 on my paladin, mined some Obsidium, and started Archaeology, which despite being a complete grind is kind of fun, and a good excuse to fly all over the old world, which hasn't been quite as damaged by the Cataclysm as I expected.

Jeremy Reimer on 2010-12-11 11:10:33.000

Now I'm underneath the giant Maelstrom in the middle of the two continents, fighting to repair some sort of World Pillar. It's kind of cool, actually.

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