Knotty Geeks Episode 27 - Zombie Geeks

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Date: 2013-07-10 12:23:44.000
Author: Jeremy Reimer
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This week on Zombie Geeks, we eat brains. And when we eat brains, we discuss why eating brains is so prevalent in modern-day society, when there are many other delicious food choices available.

Like all mindless zombies, we went to Starbucks for coffee to do this podcast. Terry, Brian and I talked about why zombies are so popular these days and what to do about it.

Links from the show: BRAAAAAAAINS!

Here's a quote from one of the academic papers that Terry found on zombies:

“…expresses, with unique force and intensity, at least one important aspect of what the horror film has come to signify, the sense of a civilization condemning itself, through its popular culture, to ultimate disintegration, and ambivalently (with the simultaneous horror/wish fulfillment of nightmare) celebrating the fact.”

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