The Windows 8 Anchor

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Date: 2013-04-11 18:51:41.000
Author: Jeremy Reimer
Tags: Computers, Operating Systems

The news is out that PC sales have fallen 14% last quarter over the same quarter a year ago.

Many people are blaming Windows 8 for accelerating this decline, rather than halting it.

Or, as The Professor so eloquently put it, "In other words, MS’s customers were drowning and Ballmer threw them an anchor."

The mental image made me laugh, so I thought I’d whip up something in Photoshop:

xradionut on 2013-04-17 06:11:19.000

Love it!

I really like Windows 7, (except for the security issues). I develop and help manage a MS based shop and the one thing we all dislike is Metro and Windows 8. (With the exception of Windows Phone where the interface actually makes sense.)

Redmond has finally pushed me back into Linux and Python development... Now if someone in Linux land could fix the stupid wireless and x configuration voodoo, I'd be happy!

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