Stop pretending blogs are made of paper

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Date: 2012-08-17 20:03:38.000
Author: Jeremy Reimer
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Here's my pet peeve of the day: Blogs that say things like: "Find out the answer after the fold" or "More after the jump".

YOU ARE A WEB PAGE. THERE IS NO FOLD. THERE IS NO JUMP. If I want to continue reading, I will continue reading. Maybe I'll have to scroll down. If I care enough, I will. I've never once gone to a blog and thought to myself: "Well, this wasn't interesting enough to keep reading, but I have to find out what's after that jump!" What the hell is a jump, anyway?

Oh, you put a stupid ad to break up your content? Is that what you meant? Wow, I've almost lost interest in your page now. Oh look, there's the "Close" button on the tab. I wonder what happens if I press that?

Mord on 2012-08-21 13:49:33.000

Moar page clicks. That's all it is, and it sucks.

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