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    Bob Dole will protect us against those who want to destroy the Internet!

    Forum post


    Jeremy Reimer
    Posts: 9342
    Posted on: 2012-04-26 14:25:32.000
    It's true.

    Bill Clinton Wants to Put "Big Brother" in Your Computer

    Bill Clinton believes in bureaucratic micro-management of the information economy.

    Within his first 100 days as President, Bill Clinton proposed the Clipper Chip -- a secret government-controlled encryption algorithm -- and a companion key escrow system where two government agencies would hold a copy of the keys for every Clipper user. Since then Bill Clinton has released updated versions of encryption proposals which insist that the government hold a key to individual's private data communications.

    But most importantly!

    The Clinton Administration's Internet Task Force has proposed legislation that would reduce the rights of users of copyrighted material if that information is used on the Internet. Their infamous "NII White Paper" ignored important court decisions which balance the rights of information users with those of information creators.

    I have read those two sentences over and over and I still have no idea what they meant. I'm sure Bob Dole didn't.

    But it's sort of reassuring to know that, a mere twenty-two years later, the leaders of the United States still have absolutely no idea what the Internet does or what should be done about it.

    Jeremy Reimer
    Posts: 9342
    Posted on: 2012-04-26 14:25:50.000
    Er, math fail. Sixteen years later.

    Also, this post was in loving memory of Duffman. *sniff*

    Posts: 10468
    Posted on: 2012-04-27 02:30:33.000
    AYB has the answer. Nothing should be done about it. The Interwebs works fine.

    Jeremy Reimer
    Posts: 9342
    Posted on: 2012-04-27 11:09:55.000
    Well, <i>you</i> know that, and <i>I</i> know that, but does Bob Dole know that? Does any politician know that?

    All they know is the words their lobbyists put in their mouths.

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