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    AYB is watching

    Forum post


    Posts: 10468
    Posted on: 2011-10-17 06:00:35.000
    Walking dead.



    Jeremy Reimer
    Posts: 9339
    Posted on: 2011-10-17 15:19:43.000
    I am watching AYB post on OSY.

    Posts: 10468
    Posted on: 2011-10-17 23:19:41.000

    but zombies are at least in the same realm of intrigue as the Mighty AYB!


    Posts: 10080
    Posted on: 2011-10-18 06:06:09.000
    peek a boo!

    /for some reason I thought of this when I read the thread title. I thought you were gonna say you were watching us.

    Posts: 1257
    Posted on: 2011-10-20 03:28:27.000
    Was that filmed here in Canberra? We had a chemical fire last month, right next to a cemetary, and there was a 30% chance of zombies. But then the news went silent, and since the paper and tv are less than a km away...

    Scary fire and explosions at 3am, was heard and felt 10km away. The plume of black zombie making smoke was awe inspiring. I live 9km away. Not a zombie (yet)

    Posts: 6011
    Posted on: 2011-10-20 18:16:17.000
    My toenail clippers are missing! Was it you, AYB?

    Posts: 10468
    Posted on: 2011-10-24 06:44:06.000
    Watching Episode 2 of season 2 bitches!!!!!!

    Posts: 10468
    Posted on: 2011-10-24 16:57:01.000
    Oh, and yes it was, Harb


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