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Imitation Gruel

Mon Nov 5 14:09:00 2001

Replies aren't showing up and neither are new topics. Fix it. NOW.

Mon Nov 5 15:02:29 2001

Are you mad? I can see all of your latest rantings. So, either it's already fixed (Shocking!) or it's j00 that has a fux0red somethingorother. Tried restarting yet?

Mon Nov 5 16:24:42 2001

He's prolly posting from a school comp lab.

That may be the problem.


Mon Nov 5 16:39:47 2001

That post was quite a neat little oxymoron.
Imitation Gruel

Mon Nov 5 16:56:06 2001

It's working now. Finally.

Mon Nov 5 19:52:52 2001

Tsk.  Jeremy graciously sets up this BBS, and this is how you repay him?

I'm disappointed :(


Mon Nov 5 20:13:09 2001

Tsk.  Jeremy graciously sets up this BBS, and this is how you repay him?

I'm disappointed :(

You're only now noticing Paul? IG's always been uh, ass-tacular about making requests. It's just that no one really says much. Jeremy surely knows we're grateful. (I guess most of us are at any rate ;) )
Imitation Gruel

Mon Nov 5 20:23:38 2001

I can be a very demanding person sometimes, when I get irritated. The funny thing is that this is confined to Internet BBS's -- in real life I'm extremely quiet, and generally soft-spoken; and not nearly as demanding or quick to complain.

It's almost as if this forum brings out a split personality. Ah well c'est la vie.


Mon Nov 5 23:15:39 2001

I've discovered being a bast online is much easier and more fun that it is in real life, as well. :)

Mon Nov 5 23:24:02 2001

Unlike me, I'm always like this.

When someone doesn't use his blinker in front of me I yell, "Wow, You Lose!  That Lane Change was Sucktacular!"

I'm also saying "Indeed" far more than I ever did.

I call people at random and troll.

Jeremy Reimer

Tue Nov 6 03:18:41 2001

Is it working now?
Jeremy Reimer

Tue Nov 6 03:19:02 2001

I'm guessing that it is, pending further something-or-other.

Tue Nov 6 03:24:33 2001

My personality on line is similar to who I am in real life.

Scary huh?


Tue Nov 6 04:47:00 2001