State of the Macintosh. It kind of sucks.

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Posted on: 2019-04-28 02:24:00.000
I think it really does. Okay, maybe its not that bad, but the Trashcan MacPro innovated itself into wall and as the so-called 'flagship' seems more like an afterthought that most people have forgotten it actually sells

As for the Macbook Pro except for the pricetag and the logo, there's really not much to distinguish it. Well no, that's not quite right, there is the issue of requiring a fanny pack full of adapters for the thing...Everyone is doing grey-tone minimalism now, and it is Apple that has been the one following along with the crowd.

The iMac still stands out and the Macbook looks decent.
But with muted tones the latter looks like a compromise.

Jeremy Reimer
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Posted on: 2019-04-29 12:47:35.000
I bought a new Macbook Pro last year (or was it 2017??) and I really love it. I got the low-end "Macbook Escape" model without the touch bar, because the touch bar is just dumb. Then I doubled the RAM and SSD size and called it a day. It was more expensive than it should have been but that's a sunk cost.

I'm perpetually worried that the keyboard will fail, but so far it's been completely fine. I've typed an entire novel on it and it was wonderful. And it's so light! I can just carry it around with me all the time without ever worrying about the weight, which means I can write anywhere.

It seems silly to have such an expensive machine just for writing, but it's my machine and my money and I could afford it, so why not?

It replaced my previous laptop which was the very first aluminum unibody Macbook ever made (2008 ish?). I was very happy to get ten years out of that laptop. In fact, I still have it!

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Posted on: 2019-04-29 21:41:14.000
Indeed. You are using that for something productive. Its always good to have something nice to do your important work on.

My work furnished me with a MBP, complete with touchbar a number of months ago. I "need" it in order to be a backup of the backup of for Yubikey unlocks in my role of Service Desk operations.

I haven't used it for those purposes in all those months.

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