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Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Thu Nov 25 12:03:27 2010.

This is the celebration post of the release of Monarch version 0.20!

Features in this version:

* User registration
* User sign in/sign out
* Must be signed in to create content/posts
* Must have admin level to create blog posts
* Blog post entry, edit, and deletion
* Paging of blog posts, sorted newest first
* Comments on blog posts
* Discussion forum, includes blog posts
* Forum main page, including paging
* Forum main page shows # of views and replies
* Forum thread page, including paging
* Users can make new threads and reply to threads

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Edge of Infinity at White Dwarf Books!

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Wed Nov 24 16:58:11 2010.

This is the owner of Wnite Dwarf Books in Vancouver, BC, proudly displaying my novel, which is on sale there, right now! Go get your very own copy!

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Fixed the problem

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Tue Nov 23 16:13:07 2010.

I figured out what the problem was. The Blog page SQL query was modified to only include posts of type "Blog post" but the COUNTER query (to determine how many exist) hadn’t been modified to include only "Blog posts". Will try edge cases again to test but I think I’ve got this one.

EDIT: Totally fixed the problem. Not sure whether to "bump" blog posts in the forum if I just edit the post. I’m going to not do it for now.

EDIT: Testing editing items and new redirect.

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Bump forum to page 3

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Tue Nov 23 15:58:45 2010.

This should bump the forum to page 3.

EDIT: It did, but.. wow, that’s weird. The off-by-one works on the main page but not the forums. Well, there are probably plenty of edge cases to check out, but for now it works.

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Yet more testing

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Tue Nov 23 15:52:46 2010.

This is to test paging on the main forum page, which I implemented ridiculously quickly.

Will probably have to do a couple more to test to see if it works.

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Another post for commenting

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Sun Nov 21 23:47:53 2010.

This is a test post to see what happens if I post comments on another post. It’s complicated, yeah?

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So this is neat

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Sun Nov 21 18:22:57 2010.

The main blog display now only displays posts that are of type "Blog post". This means that I can (in theory) create posts that are tagged "Thread post" and have them accumulate comments in like a forum, but they wouldn’t be promoted to the front page. Blog posts, meanwhile, would be visible in the forum view.

It’s so crazy it just might work!

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Testing paging again

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Sun Nov 21 18:18:37 2010.

Testing again

Thought I’d test the image stuff again.

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Testing paging edge cases

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Sun Nov 21 18:18:20 2010.

Will it page? WILL IT FLOAT?

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Testing again

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Sun Nov 21 18:15:03 2010.

Paging broke for some reason.

EDIT: Just an off-by-one error. Fixed it.

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