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Beyond the Expanse

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Mon Sep 1 10:25:10 2014.

Over twelve years ago I had a dream. I had all these ideas bubbling up inside of me from a lifetime of reading and watching science fiction, and I wanted to make them come alive in some form. I dreamed of writing an epic trilogy that would follow the adventures of heroic space pilots fighting an evil alien enemy.

Today, at long last, that dream has been fulfilled.

Beyond the Expanse is the final installment of the Masters trilogy. It is now available on Amazon and Smashwords, and in paperback form on Lulu.

While the novels are, at their heart, fun and escapist sci-fi entertainment, there are deeper themes than simply the good guys winning over the bad guys. The characters struggle against their own fears and weaknesses, and they take time to think about the ramifications of their actions. The enemy aliens (while definitely evil!) have problems of their own, and some of them rail helplessly against what their once-proud society has become.

Ultimately, the trilogy is about the triumph of hope over fear. It is about how very different people can overcome their mutual mistrust and learn to work together for the betterment of everyone. And it is about how even the smallest people can make a real difference in the universe, simply from the choices that they make.

I hope you enjoy the book.

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My Science Fiction

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Sat Nov 27 14:07:20 2010.

A few years ago, I noticed an absence of really classic space opera in the Sci-Fi market and decided to write my own. I was inspired not only by classic fiction by Issac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, but also by television shows of my youth like the epic Robotech: Macross Saga and by computer games like Wing Commander.

Edge of Infinity

Edge of Infinity is my first science-fiction novel.

Here’s where you can get Edge of Infinity:

Heart of the Maelstrom

Heart of the Maelstrom is the sequel to Edge of Infinity and the second book in the Masters Trilogy.

Here’s where you can purchase it:

Beyond the Expanse

This is the third novel in my Masters trilogy, and the conclusion of the series.

Here’s where you can order Beyond the Expanse:


Starfarer is a short story following the viewpoint of Angie Coura, a woman from Earth who is on a long-range deep space sleeper ship heading towards a new colony.

Partway through the journey, Angie’s ship has a catastrophic encounter with an alien vessel, which changes her life forever.

Starfarer is set in the same universe as my Masters Trilogy of novels: Edge of Infinity, Heart of the Maelstrom, and the upcoming Beyond the Expanse.

Starfarer is FREE and can be downloaded in multiple digital formats here: [Free!] [Free!]

The Stalker

The Stalker is a short science fiction story that centers around John "Heart" Wolanski, a professional Starcraft player living abroad in South Korea. John encounters a strange glitch in the game that comes at the worst possible time in his professional gaming career. He must struggle against the glitch and his own personal demons, which are threatening to destroy him. [Free!] [Free!]

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I'm a writer and a web developer. You may have read my articles at Ars Technica, where I write about the Amiga computer, video games such Starcraft, and the history of personal computing.

I write science fiction novels and short stories. You can read more about them here.

I'm also the creator of the rapid application development framework newLISP on Rockets, which powers this blog and a number of other sites.

I do a podcast with my friend Terry Palfrey called Knotty Geeks, where we focus on the 'big picture' impact of technology on our lives, with the two core themes being acceleration and convergence.

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