Announcing my writing newsletter!

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Fri Mar 1 13:22:22 2019.

I’ve thought about doing this for years, but I’m finally taking the plunge.

My monthly newsletter is going to be a place where I can communicate directly to my readers and to other fellow authors. I’ll be talking about the writing, editing, and marketing process, as well as including sneak peeks of my upcoming works.

Come join the fun!

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Two years! Where have I been?

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Tue Oct 9 15:07:44 2018.

Why, right here, of course.

The dates show that I haven’t posted on my blog since October 2016, and here we are in October 2018. Well, what has happened since then?

In the rest of the world, rather a lot. Much of it pretty terrible.

But in my own personal world, there haven’t been too many changes. I’ve started and abandoned tons of new projects, but I haven’t told the world about them.

Right now I’m working on a redesign of both and, and a brand new site that I plan to launch to promote my next novel (my fifth, if anyone is counting!)

I’ll keep you up to date on my progress for these new sites. And I promise, the next update won’t be two years later.

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Knotty Geeks Episode 46 - Artificial Intelligence

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Tue Oct 4 15:23:24 2016.

Apologies for the late podcast update! In this episode we talk about artificial intelligence, both specific and general.

Will this lead to Skynet? WHO KNOWS! But if it does, I’d like to welcome our new robot overlords!

Direct link to .mp3 file

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Knotty Geeks Episode 45 - Toasters and Shares

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Sun Mar 13 21:34:12 2016.

We’re back at the wedge-shaped Starbucks to talk about my upcoming article on the Video Toaster, the history of computer marketshare, talk about some interesting books, and generally bask in the Vancouver sunshine.


- Total Share
- From Altair to iPad
- Personal MBA
- Economix

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Knotty Geeks Episode 44 - If I had a billion dollars

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Wed Jan 27 13:43:00 2016.

We’re merging the video and audio versions, so the number scheme is going back to the old numbering.

And no, we weren’t hit with a nuclear explosion! The background is super bright and we are super dark because of... reasons. Mostly because we are still learning about lighting. But we still have some stuff to talk about.

Links from the show:

* Duke Fightmaster
* Powerball Lottery
* Wealth inequality
* Billion here, a billion there
* Show of the week - The Expanse
* Book of the week - Barsk: The Elephant’s Graveyard

Direct link to the .mp3 audio

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Knotty Geeks Episode 43 - Video Episode #1 - Microsoft Ruins Christmas

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Fri Jan 8 11:45:08 2016.

Happy New Year! Here’s another exciting VIDEO episode of Knotty Geeks!

In this episode, we explore the INSIDE of a Starbucks, as we discuss Microsoft’s peculiar position with Windows 10. Starting with a story of how Windows 10 ruined one woman’s Christmas, we go back to look at why Microsoft made such drastic changes with Windows 8 in the first place, and how that affected the company’s decisions going forward.

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Knotty Geeks Episode 42 - Video Episode #0

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Tue Dec 22 10:33:28 2015.

Yes, the vlogging we talked about in such wistful, hopeful terms in the last podcast has actually come to pass! It’s a Christmas miracle!

Join Terry and I in a very special Video Episode #0 of Knotty Geeks!

Show notes:

- Forever TV show
- Castles of Steel book

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Knotty Geeks Episode 41 - Vloggy Geeks

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Thu Nov 12 11:26:51 2015.

Is Knotty Geeks going to video? We talk about way the show could become a vlog, how you can use Blender to edit video, and what the new YouTube Red service could mean for vlogs in general.

- Knotty Geeks going to vlogs?
- Starcraft II Legacy of the Void discussion
- Blender has video editing!
- YouTube launches YouTube Red subscriptions
- Google tailors web search results to your IP address
- New Compass card is kind of available
- New TV shows: Blind Sight, Mr. Robot, Quantico


* Blender Video Editing
* Blender Beginner Tutorial
* Simple Video Editing with Blender
* 4k vlogging camera

Direct link to podcast

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Knotty Geeks Episode 40 - The Beautiful Intelligence of Stephen Palmer

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Wed Oct 21 10:16:18 2015.

We have a special treat on this episode of Knotty Geeks: an exclusive interview with British science-fiction writer Stephen Palmer, author of Beautiful Intelligence, an action-packed yet thought-provoking novel about the emergence of AI.

Terry and I talk to Stephen about how he got started in writing, how he views artificial intelligence and how it might develop, and we even get into the acceleration of technology and genetic engineering!

Direct link to podcast

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Knotty Geeks Episode 39 - The Berenstain Bears

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Mon Sep 28 14:07:17 2015.

In this episode, we talk about an obscure book by Stanislaw Lem, the end of the Panorama Amiga Computer Club, and the possibility that the Berenstain Bears are proof of the existence of parallel universes.

Direct link to podcast

The Book No One Read:

Sci fi podcast Sword and Laser: "LEMming"

The end of the Panorama Amiga club:

Berenstain Bears parallel universe:

The Gods Must be Crazy old theatre:

Google is Two Billion Lines of Code:

Did You Know YouTube videos:

Computers are breeding humans:

Erin McKean Kickstarter to add a million words to the dictionary:

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