Two years! Where have I been?

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Tue Oct 9 15:07:44 2018.

Why, right here, of course.

The dates show that I haven’t posted on my blog since October 2016, and here we are in October 2018. Well, what has happened since then?

In the rest of the world, rather a lot. Much of it pretty terrible.

But in my own personal world, there haven’t been too many changes. I’ve started and abandoned tons of new projects, but I haven’t told the world about them.

Right now I’m working on a redesign of both and, and a brand new site that I plan to launch to promote my next novel (my fifth, if anyone is counting!)

I’ll keep you up to date on my progress for these new sites. And I promise, the next update won’t be two years later.

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By AllYorBaseRBelong2Us on Sun Mar 24 19:49:51 2019

An update for me.

Twenty years have passed. I no longer care for the platform wars which mostly died after Apple wisely dumped the PowerPC. That was itself about fifteen years ago, though I can still hear the echos of the pin drop heard in the Battlefront the day of the Announcement.

I think it was good for Apple in more ways than one. The great bulk of Apple RDF was tied into selling people a tale of stuff they knew nothing about, which is processor architecture. I think it dispelled some of the air of arrogance and made the platform more approachable. How many times have we heard it said that it wasn’t the computer, it was the fanbois that made the Macintosh insufferable?

Operating system reliability/responsiveness/usefulness is something people can see for themselves, but to go on about the elegance of an ISA as if it were anything but a means to an end was perverse to say the least.

That said, I don’t like the direction Windows has gone. It fails a s a file browser, I think. I miss the "My Computer" icon and the very exposed way the Control Panel used to operate.

By AllYorBaseRBelong2Us on Mon Mar 25 02:46:28 2019

I no longer really do technical support. more into operations and escalations, etc. Tech support gives me PTSD, man.,