Knotty Geeks Episode 25 - The Future of Gaming

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Tue Jun 11 17:08:11 2013.

We’re back with another podcast, this time from Terry’s idyllic suburban home. In this episode we look at some of our favorite video game genres (Real Time Strategy and Massively Multiplayer Online) and speculate on what they might morph into in the future.

I think this podcast is one of the best we’ve done so far, but we didn’t have time to really get as deep into the subject as I would have liked, so we might do a followup.

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Links from the show:

Sins of a Solar Empire:

Is RTS a dying genre?

Titan restarted:

Star Citizen:

Gabe Newell interview on the future of games:

Portal alternate reality game:

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