I’ve started on an adventure...

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Wed Jan 2 22:44:53 2013.

Well, I said that I would be doing daily updates for a while, so here we go. These probably aren’t going to be very long.

I registered a new domain today. Jetcondo.com. Don’t go there, it doesn’t do anything yet (just redirects to jeremyreimer.com). The name doesn’t have anything to do with jets or condos, but hey, Amazon doesn’t have anything to do with the river or the rainforest either.

It’s a working title for a new piece of software I am developing that hopefully will become something interesting. I’ll talk more about it as I create it.

I’m also trying to mix in some other projects that I haven’t had time to do, so I made a new comic strip for Star Gamer. The art is still pretty bad but hopefully it will get better if I keep at it a bit.

See you tomorrow!

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