Kitten Captcha now online!

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer on Mon Mar 5 14:08:25 2012.

I was going to do this when I first released Monarch, but it seemed hard so I didn’t actually get around to doing it.

Until now.

To prevent spammers that can read even the most twisted words and phrases, I’ve implemented my own version of Kitten Captcha, something I wrote about on Ars way back in 2006 here:

Well, I’ve finally done it. The system displays a bunch of random pictures and a new user has to select all the pictures that are in fact cats. The file names are all randomized so that a spambot can’t just guess what they are, and you have to pick only three out of the ten images so you can’t just select everything.

I deleted all the spam accounts that OSY 3.0 had accumulated (about 30 of them!) and so we’ll see how this new system works. I hope it both discourages bots and encourages new users due to its being cute and cuddly.

Here’s a screenshot of the page in action:

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By Blendo on Tue Mar 6 17:53:45 2012

Seems to work, how about entomological references between different classes, that would keep the slow and clumsy from climbing on board Admiral.


By Jeremy Reimer on Wed Mar 7 11:50:37 2012

I can always tweak it later with different types of pictures if I want. For now all I care about is keeping spambots out. If the kittens can Hold The Line against the robots, that’s all I ask of them.

By AllYorBaseRBelong2Us on Mon Mar 19 19:21:40 2012

This is indubitably a cat: